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The first company to offer instant download and magazine quality images to all competitors at events within Australia. No more waiting days for download or for expensive prints. Just login, make your selection and process your payment to download. All within minutes.*

aurora images prides itself on offering competitors affordable and superior photographic products. Being a fully Australian owned and run company you can be guaranteed that your images are not only captured in Australia but are processed and output using Australian labour.

Product Description

When you choose to purchase event imagery from aurora images you can have confidence that you will be receiving the highest quality images on the market. We are photographers, so naturally we capture you in the best light and concentrate on capturing your best race face!

aurora Value Pack

Just like it says, an option for you to get the best value and highest quality imagery. You can purchase all identified photos of you at an event in digital image jpeg format. Each image may vary in size from approximately 1mb to 2mb each. Each image is suitable for print reproduction up to A3 size.

Single Image Download

Purchase a single image and download instantly after payment. Each image may vary in size from 1mb to 2.5mb each. Each image is suitable for print reproduction up to A3 size.

Once you proceed to the payment page and your payment is authorised, return to my account and select the download icon from the order screen. Your images will start to download immediately. Download speed will vary depending on your connection.

Print options

Maximise your print options and save! Take advantage of printing from home or your choice of online or local printer. All images downloaded from aurora images will suit printing at your local minilab or photo dealer.

Unidentified Images - Using the Advanced Search

Add up to 20 additional images of yourself to your Aurora Value Pack using the advanced search. When using the advanced search you may tag photos with your race number if “you” are present in the photo, otherwise additional costs may apply.

The advanced search is provided for racers and individuals to tag additional photos of themselves. This way a competitor can easily add unidentified photos of themselves when purchasing the “aurora value pack”. This function is available on a per competitor basis only.

Finding more photos of yourself is easy, by utilising the advanced search and tagging photos with the “This is me” feature. Depending on the event type you can search for more pictures of yourself by several methods to narrow the results: Location, Date and Time of Day and various descriptions

How to purchase images on this site

All images on this website are copyrighted. Any unauthorised use is prohibited.

Checking Out

> You will need to login to checkout your order. If you are new to the site please complete the registration form to create a username and password. This information is stored, so that you can return to the site to make future purchases and so that we can review your orders. Note we do not store credit card information.

> We utilise PayPal for purchases made on this site. You do not have to have a PayPal account in order to make a purchase. Once you proceed through checkout, you will be provided with two options; to pay using your credit card or via your PayPal account. Please refer to the PayPal website for their privacy terms and conditions. Please remain on the PayPal page until you receive notification that your payment has been processed. Do not process the same order again.


My Account

> This page shows your order history and also allows you to download any instant download orders.

Terms of Use Policy

Fair Use Policy Applies - Advanced Search

> The “Advanced Search” is provided for individual competitors to find and tag additional images they identify of themselves. Scenery style photos from the “Aurora Extra” location may also be added. This is done by using the “This is Me” feature. These images are provided at “No additional Cost” when purchasing the “Aurora Value Pack”.

> Competitors may add up to up to twenty (20) additional images of themselves using the advanced search function.

> The advanced search is not to be used to tag photos of different and or multiple competitors whom do not belong to the original race number searched.

> In the case where a customer has tagged multiple competitor race numbers as a single race number or exceeded the additional 20 limit, the instant download will be disabled and you will be unable to download photos until the order has been re-processed correctly.

Image File Download Terms

> Images are available as digital files which you can download. All digital files, whether for web use or print use are "Rights Managed". Our terms are as follows:

Web Usage

> These files can be used on one domain only (i.e. www.yourdomainname.com), providing it is for personal use only.. They can be used on as many web pages within that domain as you desire.
> Files can be copied onto any form of electronic media, providing it is for personal use only and will not be displayed by any commercial entity.
> They can be altered if necessary, but they can not be included in any composite that is resold
> The image files cannot be resold

Print Usage

> You can print as many copies of the downloaded files, providing it is for personal use only. Any reproduction that is not for personal use is deemed as a breach of our terms and conditions. We are happy to supply images for editorial and advertisement use, simply contact our friendly staff for further details.

Product Return Policy

> Due to the nature of the goods supplied, we are not able to provide refunds on images purchased. Please contact our staff if you are not satisfied with the images and we will do our best to accommodate your request. From time to time, it is known that some images may contain some imperfections.


Q: How do I find my photos?

> A: Select your event. Key in your competitor number and hit the Search button. All images identified under your number will be displayed.

Q: When will my images be delivered?

> A: Our images are delivered via INSTANT* download.

Q: I have not received an email to activate my account

> A: Some email programs and ISPs block these types of emails as suspected SPAM. If you do not receive an email immediately after registering your details, please send us an email to info@auroraimages.com.au with subject "Activation Email Not Received", and we will activate your account for you

My Download doesn’t work

> A: You have added/ tagged additional images that were not of you to your bib number. Please review our acceptable use policy. You can only add/ tag an additional 20 images from the advanced search to a single “Aurora Value Pack”

> A: Be sure to use a device with a good internet connection wireless or wired, however a wired connection is preferred.

> A: The download file can be quite large make sure you have plenty of room on your device and that it can accept and open .zip files. To access your photos on an Apple iPhone, download an unzipping application from the App store, such as WinZip

Q: I have received a promotion code, how do I enter this?

> A: If you received a promotion code, enter it in the Promotion Code box then click the tick to calculate the discount.

Q: I am having problems accessing my account

> If you are having problems accessing your account, please email us at info@auroraimages.com.au and we will assist you.

Q: I want to change my order.

> A: If you have items that you want to remove from your shopping cart, go to Shopping Cart and click the X to the right of the item you want to remove.

Q: I have hit the Buy Now and entered the PayPal gateway but I want to change my order.

> A: Please send an email to support@auroraimages.com.au with your order number and we can cancel the order for you. Please do not proceed past this point.

* Paypal is our payment facility. When payment is made via credit card or PayPal account, the transaction is validated and your Aurora Images order is activated for download. Payments made via PayPal Bank deposit or E-Cheque may take 3-5 days to be approved.